The 12HRS.US conference agenda: the detailed program will follow soon!


    12HRS.US's program consists basically out of the following 5 points:



    Great and inspiring talks and panels from national and international experts and entrepreneurs.



    Awards for female and male founders, innovators and lifetime achievements + some Rock'n'Roll.



    Work hard - play harder! We gonna arrange some blast for you which you won't forget soon...stay tuned.



    We gonna have some fun and relaxed networking and matchmaking opportunities for you to help you finding the right people.



    Additionally we will provide exclusive events and curated matchmaking to Investors, CXOs and Partners.

  • Our formats


    12MIN.ME Talks

    The classic 12MIN.ME format!

    At the 12HRS.US conference you will find your beloved 12MIN.ME talks which are the DNA of what we do at our meetups as well as at the conference. We will provide on both conference days several different 12MIN.ME verticals curated out of our 3 main topic clusters:

    • Technology & Innovation
    • Business & Industries
    • Startup & Infotainment
    The 12MIN.ME procedure:
    • Each of the 3 speakers has exactly 12 minutes to talk
    • The audience gets another max. 12 minutes for Q&A after each talk
    • 12 minutes networking after the first 2 speakers
    144sec Speed Networking

    12x12sec Speed Networking

    We do break the ice for you in just 144 seconds!

    Also, we identified 2 basic categories of guests at our events. One category comes to listen to the talks to get some insights and inspiration and the others prefer to mingle and meet as many new people and old friend as possible. There is quite some common ground between these two groups but we want to provide our guests a special format to meet many new people at our conference. Since in everything we do a "12" is involved, we will have several speed networking events during the conference where interested people can gather easily and are supposed to talk for at least 144 (12x12 seconds) to a stranger. If the participants like each other or feel like talking longer to each other, they just will stay with each other for the time they need of feel like. If one participant doesn't feel like continuing the conversation, she just starts switching partners every 144 seconds again. This way nobody needs to feel bad leaving a conversation because its actually part of the “game”.

    Speakers & Panellists

    Panel Discussions

    Let's dive a bit deeper!

    Apart from the talks we'll provide several expert panels discussion in which there will be enough time to go to the bottom of things. They will not only discuss the status quo of a paradigm but also reflect its meaning for society and progress in a broader, interdisciplinary context.


    Keynotes (or 12min.EXTENDED Talks)

    Experts will explain you where we stand and where we are heading to!

    We'll will host speakers from all around the world to talk about bleeding edge technology and true innovation strategies which are part of zeitgeist and influence our culture, work, and daily life. Their challenge will be break down the complexity of the latest tech or industry developments and to make the transfer to how changes and further developments will influence or society.

    In this format speakers will have 2x 12 minutes time to talk in the 1st 12 minutes about the status quo of e.g. artificial intelligence and in the 2nd 12 minutes about how this will affect us as a society. After that there will be another 12 minutes for the audience to ask questions to the speaker.


    We will honor the right people while having a lot of fun!

    Additionally to our conference we will issue in total 2! AWARDS on Thursday afternoon for FOUNDERS.


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    It's not A party, it will be THE PARTY you won't ever forget!

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    Match Making (exclusive)

    We take care that you find what you are looking for!

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    CXO Events (exclusive)

    Meet the decisionmakers of the digital world 1 on 1!

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