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    Apply to get the chance to pitch your idea exclusively in front of a jury of CXOs, Corporate Investors and VCs.

    We will pre-select startups that do apply on this page (see short form below) and match the interests and portfolio of our investors. If you are not selected it will not mean that your idea, project or startup is irrelevant - it just might not match with the current interests of our investor jury or already too many people applied and we don't have any time slots left. We will try to come back to you asap but definatly before the conference! Of course the Open Pitch Stage is always an option for you, too!


    If you want to apply for this pitch, please send us a mail about you and what you want to pitch to: PITCH@12HRS.US + Subject: "EXCLUSIVE PITCH"

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    OPEN Pitch STAGE

    Pitch at our pitch stage your startup idea infront of a big audience.

    We are going to provide a stage in the course of the conference where you can spontaniously pitch your project, idea or startup. Since we have a lot people who are interested especially in digital, virtual or tech solutions or products you might consider that before you jump on the stage!


    You don't need to apply for that pitch opportunity! Just ask someone from the team on site at the conference's OPEN Pitch STAGE!


    Attention: We cannot guarantee you a slot in case the demand is too high: first come first "surf"! We won't be able nor are we willing to consider applications for that stage. Thus be in time and spontaneus :)

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    Pitch your idea at instagram in max. 59 seconds and tag 12HRS.US

    Tell us what you are working on at Instagram. Don't forget to tag the 12HRS.US Insta-Account. If we like your pitch we will share it and send it to our partners and the investors in our network.


    Of course you don't need to apply for that pitch, too! ;)



  • No Slides just You

    Don't waste your time drawing many slides but use it to practice a perfect and convincing pitch - just you and your audience.

    144 Seconds Elevator Pitch

    You have exactly 12x12 seconds time to shine and convince potential investors of your idea, project or startup!


    The Jury or Audience might have the chance to ask you critical questions - be prepared for that.

    Apply or just Try

    It might be safer to apply previously via e-mail for a pitch slot (see the 2 options above) but if slots are available on the open stage you can ask our team to pitch spontaneously (but we cannot guarantee you a pitch)

    Pitch in English

    Sooner or later you will have to do it + the conference is in English thus also the pitches will be!

    Ticket necessary to pitch?

    1.) If you applied & selected for the EXCLUSIVE Pitch you won't need a ticket

    2.) To enter the OPEN Pitch STAGE you need a ticket for the conference

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    The 12MIN.ME Conference

    12MIN.ME grew in the last 5+ years to Germany's biggest und Europe's fastest growing meetup platform!

    That's one reason why we want to offer you the chance to learn, network, get inspired and entertained at our brand new conference in 12MIN.ME's birth city Hamburg: 12HRS.US :)

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    12HRS.US - The 12MIN.ME - "Society Disrupted" Conference: in 12 hours in 2 days + the entire conference is in ENGLISH!


    It's about something that affects all of us: "Digital Transformation" the uncertainty as well as the ethical challenges that goes along with the rapid innovation, disruption and change of entire industries and market segments in which everyone of us is making a living from.


    Experts, innovators and founders will teach us what the buzz & fuss is all about, where the chances and risks are, how we can participate or contribute - individually or society as a whole. Figure out if the next 12 years will be more a utopia or if we are heading into dystopia and what's your stake in that.