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  • 12HRS.US - Society Disrupted:

    The 12MIN.ME Conference

    12MIN.ME grew in the last 5+ years to Germany's biggest und Europe's fastest growing meetup platform!

    That's one reason why we want to offer you the chance to learn, network, get inspired and entertained at our brand new conference in 12MIN.ME's birth city Hamburg: 12HRS.US :)

    12HRS.US - The 12MIN.ME - "Society Disrupted" Conference: in 12 hours in 2 days + the entire conference is in ENGLISH!


    It's about something that affects all of us: "Digital Transformation" the uncertainty as well as the ethical challenges that goes along with the rapid innovation, disruption and change of entire industries and market segments in which everyone of us is making a living from.


    Experts, innovators and founders will teach us what the buzz & fuss is all about, where the chances and risks are, how we can participate or contribute - individually or society as a whole. Figure out if the next 12 years will be more a utopia or if we are heading into dystopia and what's your stake in that.

  • The 1st International Conference
    in the very Heart of Hamburg

    + weather forecast since in Hamburg an umbrella is always a good item to bring to protect yourself from sun & rain

    The beautiful building "SQUARE HSBA Innovation HUB" will be our home for the time of the 12HRS.US conference.


    Check it out and try our 3D-scan of the venue:

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    Let us know if you have any question or idea you wann share with us. We'd love to learn from you how we could organize even better events in the future! We might need some time to get back to you but we will for sure.